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Open Enrollment for Health Insurance is Rapidly Approaching (Oct. 15)

Watkins Group reminds seniors, individuals and families, as well as employees and employers that the Open Enrollment period is quickly approaching.

ALEXANDRIA, LA, USA, September 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Open Enrollment for Health Insurance is Rapidly Approaching (Oct. 15)

Alexandria, Louisiana, Aug. 26, 2020 – Watkins Group reminds seniors, individuals and families, as well as employees and employers that the Open Enrollment period for beginning or switching health insurance plans will soon be in effect. This is the time where both small and large companies, groups, individuals, and families make important decisions regarding insurance coverage and benefits.

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The official start of the enrollment period for the various types of plans and policies will occur at four different times. These dates are as follows:
>> Seniors – Thursday, October 15th
>> Individuals – Sunday, November 1st
>> Many Large Companies – Month of November
>> Many Groups – Month of December
Once your open enrollment period is closed for the year, there will be no opportunities to make changes. It is critical that companies, as well as individuals and families, are aware of the timeline to act and do so accordingly.

Watkins Group assists individuals as well as companies in navigating the oftentimes difficult and ever-changing landscape of insurance. During the Open Enrollment season, the details of policies and coverage can become even more confusing as regulations and guidelines from the previous year are being incorporated into new and existing plans for the first time. Understanding the options available is crucial to finding the best and most cost-efficient policies. Watkins Group specializes in the following three areas:
>> Group and Employee Coverage and Benefits
>> Individuals and Families
>> Medicare Supplements
Employers need to know all of the options available when deciding on a corporate health insurance policy. Likewise, employees also need to be aware of what is currently being offered. Watkins Group helps provide clear and distinct advantages and disadvantages of every plan through educating and informing employers as well as employees.

For individuals and families, the Open Enrollment period is an opportunity to make the necessary changes to existing plans or possibly to begin a new one. Childbirth and pregnancy, new job or career moves, adult children enrolling in new plans, as well as other shifts in health, home or work can often make these changes necessary. Watkins Group assists in this area by ensuring clients understand how current or future circumstances may affect coverage requirements.

For seniors, the role that health insurance plays may be more critical than with any other group. In many cases, the difference between good coverage and no coverage can be the difference between life and death. Many retirement-aged individuals and couples are completely unprepared for the transition that takes place following the end of employment health benefits. Even more are unprepared to learn about the lack of coverage in Medicare to fill the gaps. Medicare supplementation is necessary to guarantee continued assistance for common senior medical procedures such as physical therapy. Watkins Group considers it a responsibility to make sure that elderly and golden-aged citizens’ health and wellbeing are not compromised over confusion about health insurance options and current coverage.

About Watkins Group: Watkins Group is a team of insurance specialists that delivers solutions to clients that help meet their goals. They provide insurance products, education, training, and consultation with an approach that is simple and easy to understand. Customer service is the anchor of their business. For more information, please visit: https://www.watkinsgrp.com/about.

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Open Enrollment for Health Insurance is Rapidly Approaching (Oct. 15) 1

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