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Welcome to the shop! The next person please sir! So I go past a! Hard and Hello, Mother Daughter à, heard my phone is damaged then Is it serious? No problem, just stop sir damaged screen Actually still used Recently the school has organized courses Should the little busy sir Children under my own in Japan remember to pay attention safely! I've got the mother, the mother peace of mind to go sir Oh yes! Three children told my mother to give the address to him Apparently say yes delivery want to send children That mother had given him yet? Bring it! Mother, not the mother then told Star I do not want to have any contact with them! Three children do so well what was best for the child that He said as the girl had made him very lose face So you have nothing nice to say that again Why no one understands your You are? Please select the language sir They can provide 24 languages After all you are? Three of her children is due to sect sir Three sisters ?! It turned out not to be delivery à You're the delivery I came here to serve you Please ask, I can go in there? It's very embarrassing, her messy house Three of you have said is She does not like cleaning up much room He well knew that she did not like to clean the room, not like a girl Not so right Three sister says Every day she also plans to draw very late During the day time to go to work Evening also work So that New no time to clean rooms to which ạ Yar Therefore I started here sir Okay, so you do get Okay, this is what I should do it! She still okay? No problem She is looking for keys Key Below the sofa Series A How do you know that? 5 apples to here both last month Where not much fresh Should she go quickly eat away Mustard also expired before I'll help you throw away Yeah, thank me! There cock As homeowners leave is not it Not very clean So I suggest you go buy bottled water to drink sir My eyesight is so good now! Before my eyes after 2,000 thousand that Can see clearly Clean up neatly so, too! Do you want to eat? Her normally eat this? Shock !! People often do not eat enough nutrients Very susceptible to chronic diseases Remember this delivery! List of friends you probably have too much of Aunt GPs ha! Because her father told me She does not like to eat rice Let me remind you that should Remind what? Certain is that he told me, daughters can not cook, how to get married ?! In fact he said that She does not like to eat rice Rice did not want to shop How often themselves Her body will collapse it! I'm sure these words are by three sisters say? She waited a moment nhé em! Why so fast! Where to turn on? In the words of the three sisters would cook for her I borrowed her kitchen using a slice of lightly! Kitchen She just moved, there is no where open kitchen Edible, right Do you want some or not? You do not need to eat sir This is purely the taste that you like Sure this is not due to three sister also told me? I observed through her dining tastes Soy sauce flavor Also her waistline Fat percentage A variety of data then parse out Dangerous truth! Of course sir My eyes before following are 2000 thousand that Just look a I can also remember This simile my style is especially great there! What's wrong? Her three sisters hope will go to sleep 11 hours Time remaining 2 hours left Received reminders You go past a! So goes well, to spend money on you! Just had a message sent to sir Three of the sisters is Thanks message to her brother What did he say? He said.

Hey, daughter three said Since childhood I have a special child So she always feared that Afraid that after I grow up I will choose a path unlike others What's new is not easy to state How do you say give the quit I will not ask the opinion of three But three have ever thought to feel the Children? Three said they were too old No steps to keep up child So let's figure for three little sympathy nhé Sometimes a little wait three Three little time for Nhe child! Heard my phone is damaged then Known outside the country could not bear to spend money Donated children a new phone Remember take lots of pictures sent to Parents nhé! Parents have never been to Japan Also want to know how that place For most Now figure out why.

My eyes before following are 2000 thousand that Just look one is going to remember Three of her children is due to sect sir Please ask, I can go in there? Hello, Mom Three children have not you?.

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