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Dạo chơi cửa hàng bán súng tại Mỹ (Phụ đề)

Viet Guns Lovers Hi everyone, I am Tuan Hung I am returning with y'all in topics about guns, we will go shopping around at one of my favorite Gun Shops we have many choices one of the guns that you, the guns lovers surely know about AK-47 And here you see, many choices for us AK-47 is one of the guns that many countries try to manufacture to the primitive prototype from Soviet Union And Upper row are the displays of Shotgun We'll see Let's walking around today shopping around For example, this gun Like the CKC (SKS) rifle comes with its blade to fight close-up positions when running out of bullets Here is pullets magazines Its price approximately $450 The guns are up there Shotguns with long barrels We can use for hunting Or for self-defense On this side are the choices about AK-47, with more color choices 3 different colors Maybe 4 colors AK-47 with Plastic Stock This, with Wood Stock color of Furniture set polish Surplus wood This color is lighter And here on my left side Are the current models of AR-15 Models that use the.

22lr ammo small, easy for the new beginners to practice with The price is cheap This gun is $700 In America, if you want to own a gun, very easy You only need to be an exemplary citizen You don't break the laws You can bring your ID (Identification card) You can buy the guns so quick and easy As you see, people come to Gun Shop Like going to the Grocery stores Some of the features that I just wanted to share with you Thank you for your interest and support to Viet Guns Lovers over time I hope your love towards us Continuously Support us with LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE this video to many people Bye-bye, See you again in next videos Viet Guns Lovers.

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